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Inspired by American artist Vasa Mihich, who developed techniques for working with colored forms based on simple Euclidean shapes in the 1960s. We have developed five kinds of CMY products: CMY Acrylic Cube, CMY Crystal Glass Cube, CMY Orthoctahedron, CMY Pyramid.

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Unstress Toys-It can help people to release stress and keep their mood happy.

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Magic Visual Illusion Cube-It is so much fun to look into the cube and see how the color changes.

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Features of CMY Cube

These CMYcubes colored with primary colors Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow on each surface. Light through the cube to form a kaleidoscope-like pattern, you can enjoy various colors from different angles, a true visual experience!


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Really good looking

has purchased a CMY acrylic cube

This CMY acrylic cube makes a really nice desk ornament. It catches light beautifully. The Acrylic is perfectly formed with clean, sharp edges and is crystal clear. The coloring is applied flawlessly.


Low cost high quality products

has purchased a CMY acrylic cube

Being acrylic this cube doesn't need beveled edges like the glass models, leaving you with no line transition between colors and a little less weight. I'm quite pleased with it, in the picture you can see it showing off a lot of its color combinations on top of to a 50mm clear glass cube. Each parallel side has either cyan, magenta, or yellow films on them, allowing you to see that color when viewing straight on, or a combination of the sides when viewed at an angle. It's an excellent demonstration of color theory (in particular print CMYK colors). The price of this cube was much quite reasonable compared to some others, and I'd recommend it for a desk toy or as a novelty gift for an artist.

Annie Le

John TiperEly

Interesting darts that can be played for a long time

has purchased a Pop Suction Cup Darts

I recently came across a video of PopDarts on social media and immediately had to get myself a set. The quality is amazing, and they stick VERY well. I was even able to pick up a bar stool with one stuck to it!

John TiperEly

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